Your 4-Step Solution to Healthy, Happy Skin

Dr Thivi’s 4-step skin solution

In SkinFood, award-winning consultant dermatologist, nutritionist and leading researcher Dr Thivi Maruthappu MA PhD FRCP ANutr shares her pioneering expertise on the role of nutrition in skin health.

As the UK’s only dual-qualified dermatologist and nutritionist, Dr Thivi combines over a decade of professional experience with cutting-edge science in her revolutionary approach to helping you achieve the skin you want. Whether your aim is to clear breakouts, prevent premature ageing or tackle eczema, Dr Thivi’s 4-Step Skin Solution targets essential but previously under-recognised factors that profoundly influence how our skin looks and feels, such as nutrition and the mind–body connection.

The SkinFood Approach

Building on innovative research into the powerful links between the gut microbiome and skin health, Dr Thivi has drawn on her unique understanding of the interplay between nutrition and skin to devise the SkinFood Approach, a way of eating that prioritises skin health, while helping you to feel great along the way. You’ll also find detailed advice on how to develop a bespoke skincare routine that includes ingredients that work for you – think of it as having your own personal dermatologist.

Including over 40 delicious, tried-and-tested SkinFood recipes designed to support skin health, and in-depth, personalised advice, SkinFood goes beyond just skincare to help you achieve healthy, glowing skin.

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